Retro Streaming

My wife is fit. This is both a subjective visual observation and an objective medical fact. Three times a week or more she goes to the gym with our neighbour and leaves me to my own devices.  On a Wednesday it is in the evening when I find myself at home, tired and looking for some entertainment.
Porn is far too exhausting and so the evening usually ends up one of three ways; playing Walking Dead/Skyrim on Xbox; streaming some tv; or streaming a movie. Given that 80% of the time it is one of the last two options I decided I might as well make it a fun task and tie in this blog. However in light of the 10000 or so movies that are available on streaming currently the selection process needs some rules, save my going insane trying to pick something each week, or possibly more depending on my schedule. So what are the rules?
Simple; whatever is showing in the Recently Added queue will go into a list and a movie will be randomly selected by my computer. That movie, however awesome, butt clenchingly turgid (they recently added an Amanda Byrnes “vehicle” so there’s a chance I’ll be watching that soon!) or middle-of-the-road mediocre will be watched, digested and summarised.


Check the Retro Streaming link in the main page for the full back catalogue

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