Hooray For Movies is the creation of Dylan, a 30 year old man-child with a love for comic books, cop shows and pretentious long winded movies. Amazingly someone married me and she’s pretty hot too so who knows how that happened. But she humours my almost insatiable appetite for all things movie, TV and pop culture. Anyway, I spent so much time talking to my best buddie Chris about these things that I decided it was about time to inflict my thoughts and opinions on the internet for their worth to be considered in the court of public opinion.

(Hooray For Movies was previously called Shoving Buddies but was changed due to a shift in contributors meaning the name was no longer applicable as denoted more than one person contributed)

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    • Ah that’s unbelievably cool guys, thanks. I never get nominated for anything so that’s awesome. Right back at you re your blog. Definitely one I try and read whenever I can

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