5 Reasons Why The Impending Arrival of Interstellar Is Causing My Trousers To Tighten

Interstellar logoInterstellar arrives in the UK in little over two weeks. As a Christopher Nolan fanboy here are 5 reasons why this makes my trousers a little tighter than normal:

1. Christopher Nolan has gotten some career high performances from the likes of Christian Bale, Leo Di Caprio and Guy Pearce, and now he gets to put Matthew McConnabody at the top of his game trying to save humanity by travelling through black holes. Sign me up!

2. Linked to the above Matthew will probably will find a way to take his shirt off in space

3. Early chatter has the internet calling Insterstellar, Christopher Nolan’s 2001. When I heard Nolan was doing a sci-fi space adventure I hoped beyond hope it would be his Space Odyssey, and that looks like it is coming to fruition.

4. No one else could make a mainstream blockbuster based on a theoretical physics paper

5. Unsubstantiated rumours state Christian Bale will cameo as a black hole and that he has prepared for the role by spending the last 3 months as an area of spacetime where no matter or light can escape due to massive gravitational pull. Nothing on IMDB yet though to back that up

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