News: Did Edge Of Tomorrow cost Jupiter Ascending a 2014 release?

jupiter-ascending-channing-tatum-mila-kunisWe loved Edge of Tomorrow here at H4M (as our review will testify but alas it appears not everyone outside of Europe is quite as excited. Despite strong numbers this side of the Atlantic, Edge… opened to worryingly weak numbers in the US despite good word of mouth, strong critical reviews and the fact it is a Tom Cruise summer blockbuster. It would appear there is now a ripple effect for other films that Warner Bros had slated for release. First up; Jupiter Scending, which ironically had a trailer playing prior to Edge of Tomorrow.

That’s because until last week Jupiter Ascending was due for a July 2014 release. Now, without much explanation, it has been pushed back nearly 12 months to February 2015. So not even a descent slot to be unceremoniously dumped in. The initial speculation was that the Wachowski’s usual pioneering FX plans were a little to ambitious for the animation houses and so they wanted more time to get it looking right. Having seen the trailer for a film due out in a month I would suggest that is bullshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

More likely, as speculated by the fine people at Den of Geek, is that following Edge of Tomorrow’s surprising under-performance Warner Brothers couldn’t afford to risk two high profile box office turkeys in close proximity to each other. It’s easy to speculate as well that Warner Brothers don’t have a lot of confidence in Jupiter Ascending if they’re worried enough to move it to a slot within which it will be easy to explain away poor numbers.

Whatever the reason those that were even mildly excited by the sight of a steroid ridden Mr Tumnus flying through the air in rocket propelled space boots carrying Mila Kunis’s solar system saving toilet cleaner will have to wait a little longer.

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  1. The trailer looks fun…Channing has pointy ears… that’s all I’m going to say…sorry

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