Kickstarter Backing: Blue Mountain State

Blue Mountain State 2Following in the footsteps of Veronica Mars, college football fratboy comedy Blue Mountain State has launched a Kickstarter campaign to crowd fund a movie. Cancelled after three short but hilarious seasons on Spike TV, the show which sat like a cross between Friday Night Lights and American Pie is now looking to raise $1.5m.

Although each episode was essentially a repetitive story of the team doing something dumb in the never ending pursuit of getting laid and blasted, creators Eric Falconer and Chris Romanski evidently have an unfinished story they want to tell. It never had the kind of cult following Veronica Mars had but in it’s favour, if done right, it could easily stand alone as a sex comedy in the vein of Road Trip, Sex Drive etc. Over and above those it already has some well established hilarious and loveable supporting characters. I personally could sit and watch endless hours of Alan Ritchson’s comic manchild linebacker Thad. He has the greatest muscle to funnybone ratio since Sean William Scott.

If successful in raising the funds, and with some decent supporting box office numbers, it’s not unfeasible that it could get revived via another medium like Netflix of Amazon Prime. In the meantime though we have just sent over $25 in return for some swag and the chance to see a little more BMS.

You can visit the Kickstarter campaign here


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