WFT Podcast with Marc Maron


Hooray For Movies likes to think it is about more than just watching, digesting and spewing opinions about movies. We like to believe we are about all great forms of media. We also like to think we are about bettering ourselves through understanding what makes the great comedians, artists, film makers, writers and musicians of our time tick. What drives and informs their creative core.

If you share any such desire to get to the root of the creative gods and monsters that make the rich tapestry of our modern artistic community then I could not more highly recommend you work through the 500 or so episodes of the WTF podcast hosted by veteran comedian and king of neurotic self dissection Marc Maron.

Twice a week he convinces people from across the spectrum of hollywood and beyond to sit in his garage and pour their hearts for an hour or so to him about what in their lives has informed their art. Almost every comedian working over the last 40 years from Mel Brooks to Eddie Izzard to Demitri Martin to Carrot Top, along with musicians such as Josh Homme, Maynard James Kennan, Aimee Mann, E and Dave Grohl, film makers like Thomas Lennon, Mark Duplass, Todd Solondz, Seth Rogen and Noah Baumbach, and actors like James Franco, Jack Black, Aubrey Plaza, Will Ferrell, Jonah Hill, Michael Keaton, Elizabeth Banks, Bryan Cranston and Jon Hamm have made the trip to his modest house and laid bare their souls.

Funny, touching, eye opening, heart breaking, cathartic and therapeutic, it is a must listen for anyone who is interested in better understanding the human condition.

Go find it and put in your brain immediately at The last 50
episodes are free but for a stupidly low price of $8.99 you can get the whole 500 episodes. Do it.

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