Trailer: Interstellar (2014)

As anyone who has read this blog from the early days will know I am somewhat of a Christopher Nolan nerd. As a cinephile I regard him as one of the most important “event cinema” filmmakers working, bringing a cerebral and intelligent mind to big budget action movies. An area of cinema that the high minded have delighted in casting their snobbish aspersions upon.

So I got a little giddy when I realised my 200th article on Hooray For Movies was going to be the first teaser trailer for what sounds like his most ambitious project yet; Interstellar. Promising to be a sci-fi mind bender focusing on the limits of human potential, spanned across the universe and based on thesis papers concerning black holes, it could also be his most divisive film to date.

So what does this first trailer tell us? Honestly, not much. Still a year out from release, with principal photography not long started, it’s not surprising that given the amount of FX shots likely to be used that the trailer is 90% stock footage, with a sprinkling of original work. Coupled with Matthew McConaughy’s stirring voiceover monologue about the past glories of human endeavors to shoot for Moon and hit the stars, it feels like a very well made NASA PR video to get more Federal funding. But by God if I didn’t want to give NASA all my money after watching it.

There will undoubtedly be more to come soon that will give more indication of where Nolan is going with all this. But in the meantime watch this trailer and see if it doesn’t immediately make you feel like we should be going back to space again.

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  1. So. Nolan = love him.

    McConaughey = love him even more.

    So I guess that means the trailer = I don’t care what’s in it. I’m still excited for this movie. 😉

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