Wicky wicky what? Will Smith Now Might Be Back Onboard For ID42….?

Will Smith

A few months back we covered the news that not only was Independence Day 2 being penciled for a 2015 release, which was an odd 19 years after the first rather than even 20 (article here). Then we covered the news that Will Smith wasn’t getting involved, essentially leaving it as a Bill Pullman/Jeff Goldblum summer vehicle….(article here).

Well either Roland Emmerich reads this (unlikely) or it’s a coincidence (more likely) or Hollywood is thinking with common sense (least likely) but it appears my suggestion of postponing to 2016 has come to life according to the guys at Den of Geek. It makes sense given the ridiculous release schedule 2015 already has (Avengers 2 vs Man of Steel 2 vs Star Wars vs Jurassic Park 4. Who wants to be part of that battle?!) and the fact that in 2016 it can be marked as being 20 years on. There is no news on the reason for the delay but given the flop that Emmerich’s White House Down was it may be that he needs some extra time to remember how to make bankable films.

More interestingly though is the news that Will Smith is having a post-After Earth flip flop and may be no board for the sequel to the film that set him up as a summer blockbuster making machine for a while back there. Arguably Smith is one of the few actors in Hollywood who doesn’t need sequels to pad his bank balance. But as MIB3 proves if you wave a big enough cheque in front of someone then they’ll do anything. It does feel like Smith is maybe reeling a little bit through from his first proper stinker since Wild Wild West and that he needs to comfort of an old favourite. Like Linus and his blanket.

We’ll keep our peepers peeled for developments and post when we get them

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