Trailer: American Hustle (2013)

I have been a huge fan of David O. Russell ever since I saw Flirting With Disaster in the late ’90s. I was even that one guy who loves I Heart Huckerbees. I have always been excited by the fact you could never predict the tone of his next project.

So following on from Oscar lovee Silver Linings Playbook, he has re-teamed with Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence to do a 1970’s period piece about big time con artists. Joining the Oscar nominated duo are a host of quality acting talents including a flabby looking Christian Bale, an always radiant looking Amy Adams and a Jeremy Renner looking Jeremy Renner.

It also might have the worst group of hairstyles since Boogie Nights…

Along with The Wolf Of Wall Street this is the epic period piece I am most excited about. Mainly because this is the most Scorsese looking film by someone other than the great man I have seen since Ridley Scott’s American Gangster.

American Hustle is released in December 2013

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