No Fear, We’re Still Here (just a little less frequently at the moment…)

I am aware that the last couple of weeks has seen a drop in output from Hooray For Movies, something I am not keen to make a regular habit. It has nothing to do with a lack of desire to write, as much as it has to do with the UK being in the grips of a sustained heatwave after an 24 month autumn/winter cycle. Living a 5 minute walk from the beach I am struggling to be anywhere that isn’t hot and wet right now (giggidy).

Summer Star Wars

As a Brit you are conditioned to treat every sunny day like it is the last one you’ll ever see and as a consequence I am not getting much time to dedicate to watching and writing. The weather is likely to continue for a few more weeks so I might have to declare this the Hooray For Movies Summer Lull.

I will try and write as much as I can but chances are it will be a little lower than normal for a while. I will also of course try and make sure I keep reading all the awesome stuff everyone else is putting out at the moment! In the meantime, surfs up fuckers!

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  1. I for one can find plenty of stuff to read in your archives to keep me busy until you’re back on a regular basis. As an ignorant American, what constitutes a heatwave over there, anyway? Like, 85? I’m kidding, but I honestly don’t know how high the temperatures get where you are.

    • Thanks Kenneth, glad I can keep you entertained when I am not here!! A heatwave over here is 90ish for a few days. Although we have now been at 80+ for a few weeks which is unheard of in the last few years. As someone who spent there summers in California though, I know that is nothing really

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