Introducing Quickfire Reviews

I love movies. I love talking about movies. I love writing about movies. I also love to waffle. While sometimes long articles about topics that require detail are great, I know that a lot of the skill in critical writing is doing it succinctly.

So as a challenge to myself I am starting a new feature: Quickfire Reviews. This will be most things I see that aren’t at the cinema or or movies that have had a big impact on me as a cinephile. The only rule is that reviews have to come in at under 350 words.

So. Into the great and punchy unknown I venture….

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  1. Thats a great idea. i look forward to reading them!

    I’ve decided to join in and i’ve got one for you:
    The Godfather – Great film, you should watch it…

    (Sorry, I couldn’t resist 😉 )

    Loving your blog!

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