No More Batman For Bale

Will there ever be another Batman as good as Christian Bale? Maybe not. But if we want a Justice League movie in 2015/16 (and I really, really do) then it looks like we’re going to find out.

Bale Batman

Bale has always said he wouldn’t don the black cape again after wrapping Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy last year, unless Nolan was to make a fourth installment. That evidently isn’t happening. But with Nolan instrumental in putting together Man of Steel, and rumours of his involvement in a Justice League movie, it seemed like if anyone could persuade Bale to suit up and fight crime with Superman it would be him. Via Den of Geek it appears that Bale has categorically said he’s done with Bruce Wayne and his superhero alter ego.

The interview with Bale, which first appeared in Entertainment Weekly, also suggests no one has even approached him about doing Justice League. In fact David Goyer, who penned the Dark Knight trilogy and Man of Steel and is likely to do any Justice League script, has said they will be looking to re-boot Batman.

So, with that in mind, the question is; who can do Batman like Bale?

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  1. Good question who can do batman like bale? – not sure and it doesn’t sound like anyone is. But another good question to ask is who can bring something else to the table that bale couldn’t? I liked bale as batman, but personally I wouldn’t say he opitimsed batman for me though, there are dare I say it still parts of the keaton/burton batman that I prefered. I’m also always championing the ‘unknown actors’ camp for characters who are already so well known.

    • As with Superman there are so many incarnations of Batman that you could say over the course of his existence as a character each vision of Batman has existed on paper. However Nolan’s vision of Batman is closest to a visual representation of Batman cynicism and the seedy world of Gotham. So I would agree that Bale probably isn’t the pinnacle of Batman, but as far as Batman’s closest to a true version of the character go I would say that he nailed it. That said, I have a soft spot for both Keaton and Kilmer’s versions. Clooney’s version can suck it though.

  2. It depends on if the next Batman will be like Nolan’s. Because if that is the case then we’d need someone with similar intensity. Michael Shannon? If it’s going to be a camp take on the hero, then why not get someone like Christopher Mintz-Plasse…I kid obviously. Channing Tatum?…………………………………….

    • DC has always been the darker cynical comic compared to Marvel’s bright and colourful tones. Given they tried to strive to match the darker palette of Dark Knight with Man of Steel, and given David Goyer who scripted all of them is doing Justice League, with Henry Cavill returning as Superman, you’d imagine they are going to continue with that Nolan-esque vision of the DC world. I could be wrong, but it seems they are a long way down a path that it would be difficult to diverge from without rebooting Superman again. If he was 10 years younger though don’t you think Jason Isaacs would have made a fantastic Batman……?

      • Jason Issacs would have been great, however does he have the physical presence someone like Bale can bring? Off topic; if you were to take bets on the next Bond…Tom Hardy?

      • I think so. If you see him in Brotherhood (2006) he is actually quite physically intimidating when he wants to be. I think after this next Bond there is a good chance we will see a Chris Nolan/Tom Hardy 007 collaboration. At least I hope we will!

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