Will Smith Too Expensive For ID42, Randy Quaid Says “I’ll Do It”. Probably

Well the news that Independence Day 2 is being made for a 2015 release wasn’t hugely exciting. It just got a little less so with the news that Will Smith is too expensive for the project. We heard it via our heroes at Den of Geek and had it confirmed by Roland Emmerich.

Will Smith ID4

The news is both surprising and really not at all surprising. The fact that Will Smith made himself affordable for After Earth means he must really not want to do Independence Day 2. That bit is not surprising. What is surprising though is that this suggests the studio is not willing to stump up the budget to get the one thing that is likely to get people to go and watch it. No one goes to see a film because it’s directed by Roland Emmerich. They see it in spite of it being directed by Roland Emmerich. No WIll Smith is a big blow.

I can only imagine the conversation went something like this:

Studio Exec: Will, we really want you on board. You’re the only reason anyone is going to see this thing. What, kids are going to flock to the new Bill Pullman movie? No. It’s you. You know it. I know it. Name your price.

Will Smith: $20m

Studio Exec: Really? Wow, that’s cheaper than I thought. Done.

Will Smith: Wait. I meant $30m

Studio Exec: Oooh. Well that’s stretching it a little….

Randy Quaid: I’ll do it.

Studio Exec:….but we really do need you. Ok, we’ll find the cash. Done, $30m.

Will Smith: $40m

Studio Exec: Sorry?

Randy Quaid: I’ll do it.

Will Smith: I want $40m

Studio Exec: Now this is getting silly.

Will Smith: I’ll only do it for $40m. Take it or leave it.

Randy Quaid: I’ll do it.

Studio Exec: ………………………………….You drive a hard bargain Mr Smith but you got yourself a..

Will Smith: [InterjectingAnd Jaden needs to be in it

Studio Exec: Yeah, we’re out.

(Everybody leaves and turns the lights out)

Randy Quaid: Hello?

Annnnnnnnnnnnd scene.

Good luck battling Star Wars and Avengers with your low budget Bill Pullman/Jeff Goldblum alien movie.

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  1. You can’t blame him for being expensive. He’s got kids to bring up … who are unlikely to … oh god, I want to be so rude here. They’re awful is where I’m going. He has to make sure they have money because, barring some Hollywood miracle (and I don’t put it passed Hollywood, trust me), Jaden’s not going to match his father. Not expressive enough and doesn’t have that roughness that Will comes by naturally.
    Him not being in ID4 2.0 sucks. But then, I have a sick crush on Jeff Goldblum that I’ve stopped trying to explain away. I’ll end up watching it, no question.

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