Independence Day 2: Alien Boogaloo – Sequel Confirmed For 2015


I may have to take a career break in 2015 at this rate. Following on from confirmation of scheduled releases year after next for Avengers 2, Star Wars VII, Man of Steel 2 (although that may get pulled forward, in which case Justice League will take the 2015 slot), and Jurassic Park 4, we have now been informed that Roland Emmerich is pushing ahead with the least anticipated follow up, Independence Day 2.

If we thought 2013 was a terrible year to try and launch a new product, 2015 is well and truly taking that particular distinction. It will be 19 years since Emmerich’s career high, and the film that launched Will Smith as a true summer blockbuster heavyweight. If it was my money being ploughed into a sequel I don’t think anyone is particularly fussed about I would probably wait an even 20 years and release it in 2016 when things are a little less insane.

But that’s why I am sat here eating cheetos in my pyjamas and not eating cheetos in a hottub in Beverly Hills.

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  1. I had only heard this as rumour so far and was pretty excited. They don’t really need to do a follow up but for me the orginal was always one of the best summer blockbusters out there. The iconic scene of the whitehouse being blown up by a giant flying saucer is still instantly recognisable today. I’m gona piss off allot of people by saying this but Will Smith made scifi (okay scifi/action)cool, without independance day we wouldn’t have films like district 9, cloverfield, (I won’t mention prometheus as I know how Dylan feels about this!) and even dare I say it the whole host of marvel/dc movies that have become mainstream. I realise I am now awaiting for an almighty backlash.

    • Hey dude. I loved Independence Day when it first came around. It was a true summer spectacular and I think you’re right’ Will Smith showed that sc-fi was bankable again. But all the movies that you just mentioned are the exact reason I can’t understand the timing of this sequel. Why would you want to do a sequel 19 years later in a year with the new Star Wars, Avengers, Jurassic Park and Justice League? It just seems like bad business to me. But like I say, that’s why I don’t drive a Bentley and live in Malibu. Thanks for the comment dude!!

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