Super-er-Man – Man of Steel 2 already in production


Having just booked my tickets to see Man of Steel on it’s opening weekend, it feels an appropriate time to report the news that the sequel is already in pre-production. According to the fine folks at Den of Geek star Henry Cavill, director Zack Snyder and writer David S. Goyer are all back on board.

Warner Bros have run a smart media campaign with Man of Steel, creating huge internet buzz with it’s series of trailer teasers. Having seen with Batman how a troubled franchise could, in the right hands (Chris Nolan’s), be transformed into a serious cinematic contender, they have re-launched Superman as the darker superhero that audiences seem more able to connect with these days. With Interstellar in full flow through 2014 it is unlikely Nolan will return for producer duties. Hopefully he has put all the pieces in place to stop Zack Snyder going Sucker Punch with the sequel if left to his own devices.

Obviously confident that ticket sales, merchandise and home entertainment release income could run into the $b territory as per Iron Man 3, WB have wasted no time in getting the ball rolling on Supes 2.

More excitingly though this further feeds the ever growing hype that all of this is positive critical and fan reaction is quickly paving the way for a much anticipated Justice League movie. In fact Snyder, again talking to Den of Geeks suggested everything is in place Literally just wee’d a little in excitement at the thought of that.

Full review of Superman: Man of Steel to follow at the weekend

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