The Iceman (2013) Official Trailer

A little while ago I put together a list of 10 actors who I would watch in anything regardless of how shitty the movie they were in might be ( It was a difficult list to compile and occasionally I think of someone who should be on there.

Since compiling it I have seen Michael Shannon in a few more movies than I had at that point and if I were to re-write it he would be very high on there indeed. The man works at one level: intense.For anyone who doesn’t believe me watch this clip of him reading an actual profanity laden email from a sorority girl:

So how excited am I by the prospect of seeing him in The Iceman, a Goodfellas meets Hitman story of a family man thrust into a dark world of organised crime and contract killings? Very excited indeed.

Oh and did I mention it has Shannon sporting a handlebar moustache and Chris Evans looking like Weird Al Yankovich’s younger brother? Brilliant.

The Iceman is released in the UK 7th June 2013

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  1. I remember watching the interviews with Kuklinski on HBO however many years ago, I was fascinated with how nonchalant he was about it all. I kept wondering when they’d make a movie based on his story; it looks like it may have been worth the wait.

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