Fox Announces New Seth MacFarlane Comedy “Dads”


As was so well covered by Dave over at Killing Time the various networks are in the process of announcing their full 2013/14 schedules. The raft of potential new and recommissioned content is vast and I am not going to attempt to get into the details of the various pluses and minuses.

That said, one show stands out above all others as potentially being an instant cult classic; Dads. Now, I know the name conjures up all sorts of terrible sitcom potentials. If I didn’t know better, and you asked me what it was, I’d assume it had something to do with the Wayan Brothers and was on Nickelodeon (unless someone over at Nick thinks that’s a good idea, in which case, call me. Lets talk turkey).

Rather though, Dads is a new live sitcom from comedy genius Seth MacFarlane and his Family Guy/Ted writing favourites Alec Sulkin and Wes Wild being aired by Fox. In fairness the central premise sounds like safe sitcom territory as it focuses on two 30 something best friends, one a slacker and one a straight up family man, who start a successful video games company in college. The conflict comes from them coping with their own neurosis, kids and the sudden presence of their Fathers who decide to move in with each them.

However the presence of MacFarlane & Co isn’t the only thing that elevates this above the standard. Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi are cast in the leads, with Green as the slacker and Ribisi as the straight man. The background to the characters as having  Interestingly Chris and I had a long discussion about which way round it would be, and he thought it could work the other way as well. Be interested to know anyone elses thoughts….

Padding out the rest of the cast are Martin Mull (Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Two and a Half Men) and Peter Riegart (The Sopranos, The Good Wife) as their dads, Tonita Castro and Vanessa Lachey.

All in all this has the possibility to be a winner if MacFarlane is given free reign to be MacFarlane. And, given he practically owns Fox these days, who’s going to tell him otherwise. This feels like a perfect fit for Fox’s adult comedy channel FXX to sit alongside The League and Sunny In Philadelphia. As soon as we can see it we’ll bring you a first episode review.

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  1. The cast looks amazing! I cannot wait to see these two banter it out.
    McFarlane, please deliver hilarity with no side helping of disappointment.

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