Film Geek (2005) – Mirror mirror on the wall……seriously, am I anything like him? I need to know

Synopsis: The story of Scotty Pelk, a socially inept video store clerk who gets fired from his job and becomes a sensation as an online film critic.

My Take

I wont lie. I watched this film out of a certain morbid curiosity. The crux of that curiosity being; how much of me would I see in the portrayal of a socially inept film geek. As a wise man (my boss, I call him wise because I genuinely can’t say he doesn’t read this stuff) once said “don’t ask questions you don’t want answers too.”

Well……….too late frankly.


Film Geek is a tiny budget movie that came out in 2005 riding the crest of the Napoleon Dynamite wave. In many ways it shares similar traits, although it is nowhere nears as polished or accomplished a piece of film making. The story centres around Portlandian video store clerk Scotty Pelk, a man whose encyclopedic knowledge of movies is only matched for impressiveness by his complete void of social skills. When he loses his job for imparting unwanted trivia upon the customers, he struggles to cope in a world where no one cares about what he has to say. Even his website (in actual life it is a Japanese 10 pin bowling site. I checked. Public service, you’re welcome) has had no visits in 8 years. Only through meeting “A-Typical Portland Alternative Girl” Nico does he start trying to see the world for something other than movies.

Ummmmmm……………..yeah I don’t like how much of myself I saw in Scotty. Thankfully after conducting a straw poll amongst friends I determined the following information to ease my fears:

a) While I do spout pointless film trivia no one gives a shit about this is not constant. It is also often interspersed amongst other, more broad and topical trivia no one gives a shit about. So I am not as topically mono-focussed.

b) I only watch multiple films per night on weekends

c) I have a wife (no joke, I honestly don’t know how that happened)

d) I have enough friends I could conduct a straw poll (albeit 3 of them I had to explain what a straw poll was first)

FIlm Geek is fairly raw filmaking and not particularly pretty. The central two performances are fine and by semi-pro actors, but the supporting cast is a mixture of ameateurs and non-actors, so it can be hard work. But for anyone currently concerned if they are over-geeking on movies then it might help put it in perspective. Unless you recognise a lot of yourself in Scotty.

In which case, well, stop reading this and go to a bar of something.


Conclusion:  For those with a love of really low budget indie cinema or those who have ever worried they are obsessed with movies. Others may find the low quality a bit hard going

Verdict: 6/10 


Director/Writer: James Westby – Indie director and editor who hasn’t gone on to do anything of mainstream note. 

Cast: Melik Malkasian, Tyler Gannon, Michelle Garner, Matt Mitchum


  • Cost $10000 to make and grossed $17000, so actually not a bad take all in all


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