Seth MacFarlane to Return To Host 2014 Oscars?

Two in the hand is worth one in the bush.................giggidy

Two in the hand is worth one in the bush……………..giggidy

I was over the moon when I heard Seth MacFarlane was to host the 2013 Oscars after so many bland flat hosts (still shudder at the Franco/Hathaway effort. Who thought that combo was a good idea?). It was great to have someone hosting who was a genuine cinephile and so powerful they didn’t have to worry about offending anyone.

So it wasn’t sad that he got a divisive reaction to his performance, as much as it was sad the divisive reaction was to material that was pretty lukewarm. Particularly compared to the brilliiant nomination press conference he did with Emma Stone. I wonder if in fact the producers freaked out slightly at how close to the line he got with his Nazi joke and made him dial it back for the performance?

Either way it was unsurprising when he came out and publicly said he would never be doing it again. That hasn’t stopped them offering it to him again for 2014 though.

He has a couple of weeks to decide but lets be honest he doesn’t need the exposure or money so any drive to return will be purely pride to prove he can do it and win people round. Which doesn’t feel like a MacFarlane move. I can’t see them giving him free reign to do what he wants if he gets the gig again so it’s difficult to see what he’d gain from doing it.

The producers who did this years show are coming back for next year so I wonder if this is a courtesy to give MacFarlane the chance to publicly turn it down rather than just not get invited back. Who knows. Be interesting to see if he says yes and if he does what that means for Oscar 2014.

We’ll bring you more as we get it.

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  1. I thought he was pretty good. It’s such a tough gig, I wouldn’t blame him if he turned it down. But I do wonder how he’d be hosting the Golden Globes…

  2. I agree, I thought he was better than most in recent years. But it does make you wonder why someone like MacFarlane would do it for any other reason than to say he’s done it, which he can now. The Oscars are a terrible award ceremony that just get worse and less meaningful every year, and are so middle of the road that it negates getting anyone edgy because their material is dulled beyond recognition. The Golden Globes mean even less, but the award ceremony is infinitely better.

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