Only God Forgives (2013) Trailer

Dark synthy electro soundtrack? Check. Neon flushed sleazy cinematography? Check. Scenes of nailbiting violence? Check. Brooding Ryan Gosling sizzling through the screen like a muscular, handsome frying pan? Check.

Must be the new Nicholas Winding Refn movie Only God Forgives.

Yes, the Drive director and his current hottest property star return for another slice of what looks like a similarly dark and visceral slice of trash-pop-violence. It premieres at Cannes and if it weren’t for the pesty fact I have no money and wasn’t invited then I would be there in a flash.

Of all the things in the trailer the one that stands out the most is how unrecognisably hot Kristen Scott Thomas is. I mean, she is classically pretty, but this is the first time I have ever seen her play sleazy sex bomb cougar blonde.

Not so pretty now........ah who am I kidding, he still makes me look like Ron Perlman's ugly brother.

Not so pretty now……..ah who am I kidding, he still makes me look like Ron Perlman’s ugly brother.

Only God Forgives currently tops my non-Comic Book/Sci Fi movie of 2013 in terms of anticipation. Lets hope it delivers. No pressure.

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