Godzilla (2014) Shaping Up Nicely


Via the fine people at comes some casting news for the 2014 Godzilla reboot currently in the hands of Monsters director Gareth Edwards. Word has it that Happy Go Lucky’s Sally Hawkins will join the cast as a scientist.

Joining an already impressive cast including Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Elizabeth Olson and Ken Watanabe, Hawkins will undoubtedly bring a little English bespectacled charm and probably some perilous screaming to what will probably a fairly minor role. It marks the first major Hollywood production for the London indie actress.

Sally Hawkins

I must admit, I am pretty excited by the idea of Edwards doing Godzilla. If Monsters was anything to go by then it will focus on the human element as much as the monster. Anything to wash the taste of the Roland Emmerich turd out of my mouth. AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD KEEP JAY-K AWAY FROM THE SOUNDTRACK!!!

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