5 Social Groups That Should Be Pitted Against Evil Foes

In honour of Cockneys Vs Zombies that we reviewed this week we explore which other social groups should be pitted against evil foes for our entertainment pleasure:hipster werewolf

Hipsters vs Werewolves

A bunch of twenty-somethings in Trilby hats and ironic braces hole up in an Idaho thrift store to fend off a gang of vicious Lycanthropes, armed only with a box of vintage silver shot glasses and an annoying sense of self-awareness, before the Werewolves can attack the Hipsters end up killing each other after an argument breaks out over who was first in the group to get into Modest Mouse before they got too popular and everyone knew about them. The Werewolves roll their eyes and move on.

Stoners vs Vampires

Five stoners in search of a legendary Ultimate Bong forged from the bones of an ancient priest break into a long buried tomb. In doing so they unwittingly unleash a gang of blood thirsty vampires. Upon finally cornering the stoners in a tomb with one way in and one way out the Vampires get a contact high and forget what they were doing there. Everyone gets baked and spend the rest of time discussing whether Ding Dongs or Ho Hos are the best. Vampire eventually roll their eyes…..and move on.

Nerds vs Necromancers

The ultimate battle turns out a little one sided. When an evil Jock Necromancer and his followers take over a college, a group of Nerds decide to use all of their collective World of Warcraft and Harry Potter knowledge to fight them off and……well, it doesn’t end well. Half way through trying to conjure their first spell, arguing about the correct Latin annunciation, they get vaporised. Not before the Necromancers roll their eyes, take over the school and eventually the World.

Rednecks vs Reanimated Roadkill

When a group of rednecks try and bring back to life a freezer full of a harvested roadkill, they are met with abominable consequences! Fighting off zombie deer, squirrels and possums they soon realise that the only way to destroy them is with the most toxic substance known to man…..HILLBILLY MOONSHINE! Unfortunately they also think it is a good idea to drink it first and end up naked wrestling and banging each other. Reanimated roadkill roll their collective eyes….and move on.

The Kardashians vs a Meteor

An epic battle for the ages sees………………….. ah, who am I kidding. I just want to see The Kardashians get squished by a meteor.

Meteor Kim_Kardashian_4

If you have any more let us know!

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