Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar Sci-Fi Project Gets 2014 IMAX Release Date

Christopher Nolan

The greatest living director in Hollywood is also becoming the hardest working man in Hollywood, with fingers in all sorts of exciting movie pies. Following on from his box office smashing, franchise invigorating Dark Knight trilogy and his mould smashing, bean scratching blockbuster Inception, Christopher Nolan has been hard at work breathing life into the new Superman: Man of Steel. He is officially the man to give dead franchises CPR. While there is plenty of speculation that he is seen by DC as the just the man to bring life to the Justice League franchise, there is finally some ACTUAL news we can salivate over. A release date for his next genre contorting project Interstellar.

True to form Christopher Nolan’s next directorial effort is likely to be a brain-scratching blockbuster. Based on his brother Jonathan Nolan’s screenplay, a regular collaborator who has written or been creatively involved in each of his films, it was initially written for Steven Spielberg. Currently the premise is vague to say the least, but it has a few details that gave me a geek boner and made me do this face


  • It is a sci-fi project: The last time Nolan ventured into sci-fi we got Inception and I spent a week walking hunched over to save everyone’s blushes
  • Wormholes: Yup. It’s going to deal with wormholes. Holy batshit, can you imagine what kind of mind contorting craziness Nolan is going to do with wormholes and theoretical physics as a get out clause for any narrative nonsense. And what does every good theoretical physicist know wormholes lead to?…
  • Time Travel: Boom. It’ll be like The Fountain or Cloud Atlas, but, you know……..good.

One downside; no Wally Phister as D.P. who has been his eyes on every project since Memento. He will be making his directorial debut instead, which Christopher Nolan is producing. Of course he is. What else is he going to do? Sleep?

Casting is likely to start in the next couple of months with principle photography due to start mid to late summer. No word or rumour on casts but I would put money on Tom Hardy as a gruff comet and Michael Caine as a wise wormhole. Wait, that’s the Disney animated version. Nevermind.

Now, how soon is to soon to get in line for November 14th 2014?


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