News: Paul Walker To Become Agent 47 has broken the news of a Hitman reboot with Paul Walker set to star. Following the critically panned but commercially viable Timothy Olyphant Hitman, Fox have decided that there is life in the old dog.


The man trusted with the franchise re-boot is Aleksander Bach, who has no cinema or TV credits under his belt but an impressive back catalogue of adverts. Skip Woods, who penned the first one, is back in writing duties. Evidently Fox felt of all the poor elements from the first go, Woods was not one of them. Since the last Hitman Woods has been busy penning big budget movies with Wolverine, A-Team and A Good Day To Die Hard amongst them. Plus he is attached to write the adaptation of Kyle & Lunch. Evidently he is the Hollywood go to guy for video game adaptations right now.

Paul Walker could be a good choice. Olyphant is intense but physically Walker with a shaved head could look eerily like Agent 47.

The release is currently slated for 2016 so a lot could go wrong between now and then. In the meantime I’ll continue to be impressed with Hitman: Absolution

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