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Walton Goggins: A Forehead For The Ages

A couple of years ago I started watching Justified and reaaaaallllly enjoyed it. So much so I totally forgot to look up when the second series was airing, missed it, fell behind and never watched it again. Much TV has been consumed since and now I barely remember any specifics of the various protagonists and antagonists. There are however a few things I do remember:

1. Timothy Olyphant was pretty good in it. He was hideously mis-cast in Hitman. But he was awesome in Go;

2. I never want to see, smell, be near, in or around Eastern Kentucky

3. Walton Goggins has both the biggest forehead and best name of any actor currently working in Hollywood (I would say best name period but Barkavius Mingo, the LSU Defensive End won that contest. Literally. He won the Name of the Year Award http://nameoftheyear.blogspot.co.uk/2009/04/barkevious-mingo-lord-master-2009-name.html ).

Walton Goggins - A forehead for the ages

Walton Goggins – A forehead for the ages

Goggers (I like to call him Goggers) was badass in the role of the antagonist Boyd Crowder, portraying an always on the precipice bible thumping psycho douchebag. This was the first I remember seeing Goggins in anything and I was memorized by both his screen presence and the vast, seemingly endless cranial expanse that drifted above his eyebrows into forever. If his face is America then his forehead is Canada; due north, expansive and a feat of nature anything survives in it’s outermost extremities.

Fast forward a couple of years to just before Xmas 2012 and in a hissy fit of loudly and hyperbolically claiming “There is literally NOTHING on TV!!!” I noticed all 7 series of The Shield streaming on LoveFilm. I knew nothing of it except it was about some dirty cops on the mean streets of LA and it starred Michael Chiklis, of whom the only I thing I knew was he played Ben in Fantastic 4. Being a fan of Police procedurals I started watching and who do I see darting around in a leather jacket kicking butts and taking backhanders? GOGGERS! And, just as he was in Justified, he is the best thing about The Shield. Which is saying something because I freaking love that show, so much so I have consumed 4 seasons in 3 and a half weeks.

Then during the trailers for Life of Pi they showed Lincoln and bham! Goggers strolls through shot in the worst wig, not doing anything to hide his scopious brain warmer.But it immediately made me want to see it even more than I may already have been planning on possibly getting it when it came out on DVD maybe probably not.

Conclusion: I will automatically watch anything with Walton Goggins in it. And he is the first, last and only recipient of the Shoving Buddies Award for Talent to Forehead-Surface-Area-Ratio of the Century Award. Congratulations Walton Sanders Goggins Jr.


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